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              No.2089,Shanyang Road,Jiaozuo,Henan,China

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              Jiaozuo JinShengWei fluoride chemical industry is one of the biggest manufacturers for sodium cryolite and potassium cryolite. Our products meet the standard of GB/T4291-2007.In the past years, our market share was about 40-50% in China.We have a professional quality inspection team to ensure the quality of our products.Because many years’ of production experiences, we supply good quality products but competitive price for our customs, such as aluminium ,abrasive tools, welding material,steel manufacturers and also many export trade companies...

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              Widely used in abrasives, metallurgical casting, glass, ceramics, welding flux, fireworks, refractories, aluminum, electronics, military and other industries.



              Dedicated to the promotion and development of inorganic fluoride salt products, cryolite and potassium cryolite production process.

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              Coperight: Jiaozuo JinShengWei fluoride chemical industry co., LTD

              ICP: 16018395

              Ms Anne: allenfan@jinshengweiwork.com

              Mobile/whatsapp: +86-13782714524

              Address: No. 2089 ShanYang road, JiaoZuo city, Henan province, China.

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